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Levitra restores and maintains a solid and stable erection for several hours after taking the drug. Buy Levitra from our online pharmacy and get a rock-hard erection for the best price.

Generic Drug: Vardenafil
Duration: 3 – 5 hours
Admission: 30 minutes before sexual intercourse
Alcohol: Not recommended

Levitra contains vardenafil as the main active ingredient of the drug. This medicine belongs the phosphodiesterase inhibitors type 5 (PDE5) drugs. Vardenafil helps to achieve and maintain a healthy erection within a few hours after taking the drug.

Levitra helps to restore the natural mechanisms of erection. When a man is sexually aroused, vardenafil helps the body to fill the penis with enough blood to cause a healthy erection.

Levitra is not a hormone or an aphrodisiac; it doesn’t increase libido or sexual desire and does not affect the quality of orgasm. Levitra doesn’t cause an erection without sexual stimulation.


Do not take Levitra pills more than once per day. Most patients who take the medication are satisfied with the starting dosage of 10 mg. The maximum daily dosage of Levitra is 20 mg. If you are sensitive to vardenafil, the dose should be decreased to avoid side effects.

Always consult your doctor regarding your exact dosage and contraindications before taking Levitra.

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